Nature Happenings

  • NABA National Butterfly count.
  • Except for late bluebirds, bird breeding and nesting season ends this month.
  • Mississippi Kites begin fledging their young.
  • Mallards and Wood Ducks molt into their "eclipse" plumage and are unable to fly for several weeks.
  • Watch local ponds for immature herons and bitterns.
  • Fall shorebird migration begins this month.
  • Blackbirds begin to flock and appear at feeders.
  • First brood of immature hummingbirds begin to show up at nectar feeders early in the month.
  • Hummingbirds begin staging south and start showing up more at feeders.
  • Keep your feeders and bird baths clean and your seed fresh through hot months.
  • Barn Swallow fall migration begins.
  • Delta Aquarids Meteor shower peaks in late-July.

From Our Friends at UF IFAS

Shorebird migration starts in mid-July, peaking in August.
Swallow-tailed kites begin gathering as do purple martins and tree swallows in preparation for migrating south for the winter.
Look for frigate birds flying overhead in south Florida.
Look out for nesting shorebirds, and keep your vehicles and dogs from disturbing them.

Later this month, young alligators and crocodiles will begin to hatch.

Mosquitoes and chiggers are abundant, so watch out while you're camping.

Baby raccoons, foxes, armadillos, possums, and bobcats leave dens and begin following parents
Deer mating season in the everglades

Sea oats flower along the Atlantic
Scrub morning glory and butterfly weed begin to bloom