A Bird Feeding Classic

Lookin' for a durable feeder to last for many years to come? This bird feeder here is our Eco-tough classic hopper feeder and it's one of our most popular feeder! Not only is it made from recycled milk jugs which were headed to landfill, it also can hold a large amount of seed and will better protect it from the elements! This feeder includes a small tray at the bottom with a divider to help the food flow out easily and not get caught. The large perch on both sides helps accommodate your larger birds and gives plenty of room to hold a few! 

We highly recommend this feeder pole mounted since it makes a nice staple above other feeders! We also suggest pairing it with a Catch-a-seed tray below to help prevent food from getting on the ground. Here are the three colors that this feeder comes in!   

-Green Roof-           


-Red Roof- 



-Modern Rustic-