Hasta la Vista Squirrels!

Finding your feeders completely overrun by squirrels and it seems that hot pepper food isn't doing the trick? Why not try a squirrel proof feeder! One of our most popular feeders here at Jax Beach is the Eliminator! This feeder works on the weight of the squirrel, by closing off the ports when the squirrel lands on the ring perch! Not only does it stop the squirrels but you can even adjust the weight of the spring to help prevent larger birds from over taking it as well! 


What this feeder offers:

  • Easily adjust the weight to allow you to decide who can eat from this feeder                                                                                   


  • Cardinal ring allows your Cardinals to feed comfortably


  • Large tubing helps protect your food from rain and to help so you don't have to refill everyday         


  • Lifetime warranty means that if something breaks, you can bring it in and we will fix it for you!


  • Great solution to solve your squirrel problems                                                                                                   


We recommend coming in to discuss where and how you will set this up! Squirrels were born with engineering degrees so we have different suggestions to ensure the crafty little guys don't find ways to trick the system.